Our Commitment to Safety

Management, employees and contractors at DB Bobcat Services Ltd. are committed to industry leadership in Health and Safety practices. Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and to protect the environment. Our method to achieve this objective are:

  • A commitment to conducting our jobs in a manner that protects the safety of our coworkers, the public and ourselves.
  • Providing a work environment to the highest level of industry standards and in full compliance with applicable legislation.
  • DB Bobcat Services Ltd. will not compromise safety for the benefit of cost, schedule or productivity.



Management’s role is to lead and steward the commitment to Health and Safety protection processes. This will require a proactive approach in ensuring the use of safe work practices and procedures and the elimination of potential hazards by all DB Bobcat Services Ltd. employees, contractors, and visitors. Management is accountable for:

  • Communicating to all employees and contractors our Health and Safety goal
  • Measure and report performance
  • Assigning Health and Safety responsibilities
  • Enforce requirement that all employees and contractors utilize safe work practices and safe job procedures
  • Ensure appropriate education and training for all employees
  • Continuous improvement and review of the Health and Safety program and policies
  • Investigating all incidents to determine root cause and corrective actions
  • Ensuring that all DB Bobcat Services Ltd. employees comply with relevant legislation, codes, and regulations

Employees and Contractors are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those with whom they work. Employees and contractors are accountable for:

  • Ensuring that no work task will take priority over Health and Safety
  • Stopping any work that they believe is unsafe
  • Taking responsibility to reduce incidents
  • Becoming familiar with and following established Health and Safety practices and procedures at all times
  • Taking time to safely perform each task
  • Actively participating in the Health and Safety process
  • Immediately correcting or reporting all hazards













When following gravel trucks keep back a minimum distance of 30 metres (100 ft.) or approximately 6 average car lengths


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